Kottayam Association Philadelphia

A Registered Non-Profit Social and Charitable Organization

         Kottayam Association of Philadelphia is a charitable non-profit organization founded in 2000 by the Kottayam natives in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Because of the good efforts and teamwork, our association stands as one of the leading organizations in Philadelphia. We joins our members not only in their happy occasions but also in their needs, loss of loved ones etc. Any Kottayam resident above the age of 21 shall be a member of Kottayam Association. The executive committee shall be the governing body of the association. The executive committee is elected every year at the annual general body meeting.


         Every year we raises money from our members and well wishers and conducting many charities throughout Kerala. We are receiving several charity requests each year from Kerala which will be reviewed and screened in the monthly committee meeting and only eligible requests will be considered. During the last nine years, we were able to help several people in their financial needs for treatment, education, marriage etc.


Our Objectives

  • To Promote and encourage the awareness of cultural heritage and interests of Kottayam residents who presently live in the Tri-State area (Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware).
  • To develop a working relationship with other like-minded organizations and ethnic communities.
  • To work for the development of the members and their families in area such as literature, arts, youth affairs, sports and family welfare.
  • To raise, solicit and receive funds and donations and to conduct charity activities.