"Each Charity work is a Stepping Stone Towards Heaven"

Please Support Generously, and Become a Part of These Great Projects

          Kottayam Association Philadelphia continues our excellence in the field of Charity and stands as one of the most reputed Indian Charity Organizations in the USA. Our members and well-wishers are the main supporters who enable us to conduct many charities in Kerala and USA. We all the members of Kottayam Association should be proud that during the last 18 years, we were able to help so many needy people who were selected from the hundreds of charity requests we received, by providing financial support for their medical-treatment, education, marriage, housing etc. We also sponsored the major charity events such as NORKA's Medical Camp in Mandiram Hospital, contributed to Kerala Chief Minister's Tsunami Relief Fund, Sewing Machines to Pallom YWCA's 'AshaKendram', the Emergency ICU unit and Ambulance for Kottayam Emergency Medical Services etc, We are doing the very successful housing project around the Kottayam area, we donated flood relief fund to the victims of Harvey disaster at Huston, USA and Kerala Flood disaster. We also supported the needy ones at Thanks-Giving time through "Missionary Sisters of Charity, Norristown, Pennsylvania". We express our sincere thanks to all of you for the contributions and support to Kottayam Association in helping us doing something for the well-deserved and poor. Please continue to be generous in supporting our charities and we assure you that 100% of your support will be reached to the very needy people. Thanks again for your ongoing support.

Housing Project of Kottayam Association

           Through our Housing Project, we were able to donate houses at Nattakom, Neelimangalam, Paruthumpara, Lakattoor, Kottayam etc.... It is our pleasure to announce that now we are in a Project to build 5 houses around Kottayam area to support the needy and very deserving people; we appreciate all your past helps and again requesting your generous support to become part of these Great Projects.