Kottayam Association Philadelphia is Inviting application for the Educational Scholarship from Students who are currently enrolled/admitted in Graduate and Professional  courses and Living and Studying in Kerala. This will be a 4 (Four) year scholarship program, starting from the academic year 2022-23. Please follow blow terms and conditions and fill out the Application Form.

1. Students Educational Scholarship program of Kottayam Association Philadelphia will be a 4 (Four) year scholarship program, starting from the academic year 2022-23, and this will roll-over to the academic years 2023-24 & 2024-25 & 2025-26 for the same student, unless they finish the course.

2.      Eligible Students should be Living and Studying in Kerala and currently admitted or enrolled in a Graduate or Professional Course.

3.      Applicants should share the Kottayam Association Facebook post along with Your (candidate) request or a request for a friend and get your friends, family, and known public person support for your application by Liking or Sharing your request, minimum 5 persons support needed for your request for the effective due diligence.

4.      Applicants must complete and send this Application form along with the current/admitted course proof, prior year mark list and recommendation letter from the Institution, by email to kottayamasn@gmail.com  

5.      Students who receive the Scholarship should maintain at least 80% score in the academic year for being eligible to receive Scholarship in the next academic year. Students those who do not achieve this goal or those who do not send their mark-list proof at the end of academic year will be disqualified from the program, also if any scholarship student legally commit any illegal activity will be disqualified from the program.

6.      The application cut-off time for this Scholarship program will be August 15th, 2022. Those who selected will be informed by your email, and the scholarship amount will be distributed direct into to Student's college bank account.

7.       Kottayam Association will not publish the selected candidates’ Names/Details in any media/public-domain, we will keep your privacy.

Kottayam Association Philadelphia Committee shall have all the rights on this Students Educational Scholarship Program.